About Swimfinity Swim School


Our Mission

At Swimfinity Swim School we believe every child is unique & that they will progress at their own pace in any learning environment.  Therefore, we take a special approach at Swimfinity & embrace each child's individual needs, abilities, strengths & fears.  Safety is our first concern so creating a program that creates strong, confident & happy swimmers is our ultimate goal. In order to obtain this goal of creating water safe swimmers, our teachers take a very loving & nurturing approach to allow each child to progress accordingly. We also believe that success & growth come from encouragement, praise & compassion which is an ultimate part of our program. 

Jennifer Mouton, the owner of Swimfinity Swim School, owned and operated a swimming school in Houston for over 10 years which successfully taught over 800 children how to swim. After selling the business in Houston & moving to Bellville - her passion for teaching children how to swim is still very strong.  Our goal now is to help teach the children of Bellville, Brenham &  surrounding areas about water safety while creating more strong, confident & safe swimmers.


One-On-One Lessons

We only teach private swimming lessons at Swimfinity Swim School which allows us to embrace each child's unique style of learning while focusing on the importance of water safety.  One-on-one instruction allows us to focus on each student individually which increases the quality of our lessons by cutting out distractions that can occur in group environments. By being able to tailor each lesson to each particular student we are able to speed up the time to make them more water safe by focusing on just their needs. It is important to keep in mind that all children learn and progress differently so each student may have different time frames to learn certain skills. 

We  will also  teach semi-private lessons with  2  children per class if the students are the same age & skill level and is approved by Swimfinity Swim School.  Sibling pairs are also considered if they are close  enough in skill level.